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Seller At Least $22,468 better off using Ray White

By Andrew Huggins

It’s a common belief among some owners that all agents are pretty much the same. Well I can tell you that this story proves very much otherwise.

Sometimes it’s only when the statistics become publicly available that we discover the sometimes startling differences in sale prices for similar properties.

When I took a property to market for auction on Gardiner St in Belmont in September there was a property 3 doors down the road that was a bigger potential triplex block of 771sqm and arguably a better house. The agent for that house was a seasoned veteran in Belmont and had it listed for well over a month  for $499,000+. Ray White’s client’s property is a 754sqm also potential triplex block and was booked to go to auction. Within a week the property was sold before auction for $512,468, an unusual number as it was presented by a buyer’s agent looking for a bargain.

What is fascinating is that the statistics now show that the property sold by the seasoned veteran went for $490,000 only 4 days before the sale of our client’s property. That’s a cool $22,468 extra at least for our client by using Ray White to sell their property.

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