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NPS rating

By Andrew Huggins

This year Ray White has introduced the NPS system across all offices. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. Clients who have sold their properties through Ray White are contacted to give a rating between 1 and 10 as to whether they would “Given the same situation, use the same agent again”. A score of 9 or 10 is considered to be a promoter, a score of 7 or 8 is considered to be neutral and a score of 1 to 6 is a detractor. To work out the NPS or Net Promoter Score promoters are weighed against detractors and neutrals to get a score between -100 and 100 with 0 being neutral. Many famous brands have NPS scores around 50 to 60 with many also being negative.

Ray White Urban Springs is delighted to report that with 16 clients returning their responses since the beginning of this year has an NPS rating of 93.75 meaning 15 clients gave us a 9 or a 10 and 1 client gave us an 8. I knew most of our clients were happy but I had no idea they were THIS happy. For any business to have no detractors from 16 respondents is highly unusual.

Comments below:

  • 10/10 We felt very comfortable the first time we met with Andrew, Leanne and the rest of the team, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you all so much for your excellent service and friendliness towards my brother, sister and myself.  Much appreciated, Chris, Helga & Lothar – 28B Sydenham Street, KEWDALE, WA
  • 10/10 Excellent to deal with & a pleasure – 24a Mozart Mews, RIVERVALE, WA
  • 10/10 Forever helpful and tasks were attended to ASAP. Nothing was too much of a bother – 28 Pontiac Avenue, CLOVERDALE, WA
  • 9/10 Andrew and his team are professional. The sale was in a timely manner due to their knowledge of the market – 4/83 Epsom Avenue, REDCLIFFE, WA
  • 9/10 Andrew is well organised and kept me well informed in the sale process. I also think the outcome was also very good – 2/2-8 Barry Street, RIVERVALE, WA
  • 10/10 Andrew and Leanne were absolutely pro-active from the minute I mentioned that I was considering the sale of my property. The sale was concluded from first mention until settlement in less than a month. The price realised was more than the listed figure – 12/11 Tanunda Drive, RIVERVALE, WA
  • 10/10 We have known Andrew for a few years and have used his services for three properties Andrew is very easy to work with, helpful – 43a Oats St, KEWDALE, WA
  • 9/10 Provided sound business advice and strategies – 15/15 Sydenham Street, RIVERVALE, WA
  • 10/10 good old honest customer focused professional, ethical service -49/18 Tanunda Drive, RIVERVALE, WA
  • 10/10 The sale was fast, the service was good & low hassle for me -1/69 Hardey Road, BELMONT, WA
  • 10/10 Contactable, helpful, Professional and the whole team followed up on what they said – 339 Orrong Road, KEWDALE, WA
  • 9/10 Because I found Andrew always helpful and willing to do all he could for me -8 Pratt Street, CLOVERDALE, WA
  • 10/10 Andrew was professional, straight across, willing to try things my way -172 Epsom Avenue, BELMONT, WA
  • 10/10 Daniel was very professional and always communicated regularly. I felt he had my interests at heart and listened when I spoke of my goal. He truly was a great example of the service I was guaranteed by the Principal. A credit to Urban Springs – 15 Gregory Street, BELMONT, WA
  • 8/10 Andrew did a very professional job – 190 Surrey Rd, RIVERVALE, WA
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