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Change Your Real Estate Agent To Ray White Urban Springs

Changing to Ray White Urban Springs is easy, and doesn’t cost you a cent. Let me show you how to change your real estate agent in a few easy steps! We are able to make the transfer process fast and simple and here’s how;

1. Authority To Act Upon Your Behalf

We need to have a signed management authority for your property to act on your behalf.

2. Advising The Other Agent Of The Change

Click here for a draft letter for email & post to your current agent advising them of your decision to transfer the management of the property to our office. This is the only contact you will need to have with your previous agent.

3. The Termination Period With Your Current Agent

As per your Exclusive Management Authority with your current agent, there will be a 28 day termination period. We will liaise with the current agent to ensure they have the property file and any documentation pertaining to the property ready for handover the morning after the termination period. We request they advise the tenant that there will be a change of management on such date and we will be in contact with the tenant directly.

4. The Transfer Day

We will collect the file, all necessary documentation including tenancy agreement, condition reports, rental payment ledger, bond forms, application documents etc.

5. Keeping The Tenant In The Loop

Once the file has been collected, we will again contact the tenant/s to provide them with a formal “Welcome to Ray White Urban Springs” and advise them of the new rental payment details, find out if there are any outstanding issues and  arrange a routine inspection of the property if necessary.