Madeline Renel


Our receptionist Maddy Renel is often the first person you meet at Ray White Urban Springs.  Having started with us in July 2010, Maddy's friendly and helpful manner has been appreciated by clients and staff alike.  Maddy's previous retail experience has certainly given her a good understanding of the meaning of providing excellent customer service.  Maddy is enjoying her first role in the real estate industry and has now ventured into further study in this rewarding business. Having studied Film & TV, Maddy often assists with creating production design and costumes on student films.

Favorite part about working for Ray White: I love the people I work with :)

My time with Ray White has taught me: To have patience and tolerance towards horrible people. 

Work wise, I am passionate about: Ordering stationery...

Next step on the yellow ladder: I'm happy sitting on the step I'm on.

What do you get up to outside of Ray White: Sleeping, eating, catching up with friends/family and planning travel trips.

Most embarrassing Ray White moment: Falling UP the stairs with a tray full of coffees. None of them split but I split my skirt wide open. 

Most epic Ray White experience: When Amy & Andrew paid for us all to go to Bali (I'd never been before!)


  • 2011 - Best Front Desk Operator